Customer interaction management platform. This tool amalgamates IVRS with many channels like voice, chat, USSD, VOIP, SMS, email to make it a flexible platform. Outbound and inbound customer requests can be serviced easily with automated functions. An effective demand generation system that can impact your sales, leads, and bottomline with very less investment. This can be clubbed with existing/new contact centre staff.

Voice Authentication

Voice recognition, authentication, voice analysis for investigation and many other use cases. See our use cases table and representation for each industry’s relevance. Experience this tool via a simple demo line at our Chennai datacentre. Customer delight, fraud prevention, adherence to GDPR compliances are the key virtues of this application. Call us to know more and a quick immersion experience. POC can be organized in your environment.

Speech to text

We are developing new solutions for conversion of Indian English, Hindi, regional languages to text. Quick and accurate [95% accuracy] transcription for large sampling and R&D in customer contact centres. . Key word spotting, automatic speech recognition, gender identification, sentimental analysis are the hallmarks for this to –be-launched solution.

Integration and migration of older IVRS

We have readymade tools, APIs for AVAYA, Genesys and other well known IVR platforms. We can assist in migration and integration of these. APIs exist for SAP, CRM, ERP, core banking systems as well.