Kaizen Secure Voiz is a new breed technology Start-up under Kaizen Technologies (Kaizentek)
The group, which has been providing superior information technology talent and solutions to private and public sector clients since 1995. Kaizentek’s reputation as an IT expert is built on a decade of experience as a full-spectrum source for the IT community. Its clients include more than 1,000 well-known national and multinational corporations.

Headquartered in Edison, Kaizen Secure Voiz offers Kaizen Secure Voiz offers a unique voice biometrics platform for enterprises to verify and authenticate a user / caller remotely using his voiceprint. It improves the “Customer Experience” by several notches from current methods of verifying a caller by asking ‘so-called’ security questions by the call center agent to prove identity of a person.

"Kaizen Secure Voiz” (KSV) is a voice biometric authentication & verification tool, that does away with the need for people to remember password or pin etc. & their voice becomes their identity. It is cheapest among biometric technology, as it does not need any readers or special devices when compared to fingerprint or IRIS or any other biometric tool.

Applications of “Kaizen Secure Voiz” varies:-

  • Simple authentication in remote channel like phone or internet etc. Instead of (or) along with OTP
  • Fraudster detected within 10 seconds of conversation with agent & alerting the agents about the fraudster using someone’s identity.
  • Biometric attendance of remote location, staff reporting (e.g. Security guards at the specified location using a simple landline or fixed telephone).
  • Proof of life of pensioners
  • Verification of insurance claimants
  • On-field staff attendance and tracking including GPS with timestamp

KSV is available in several flexible commercial models including hosted model & toxin based delivery, etc., which can be ‘On-premise’ or ‘On-Cloud’.